a generative composition for Pure Data

needless needles is a generative music composition for Pure Data programming language, exploring high-frequency intervals and combination tones using custom-designed micro-detuned voices. These high-frequency intervals tend to produce so-called ‘otoacoustic emissions’ — an extra layer of sonic sensations within a listener’s inner ear itself, as a reaction to these specific frequencies. Due to the generative nature of the piece, it will sound differently each time it is being played (if played from the original puredata-patch).

The piece uses a set of 3 core custom-designed voices. Each voice has a basic frequency plus 16 sub-voices detuned in the micro-range range of 0.0001 Hz to 1 Hz against the main frequency of the oscillator. In addition it has 3 sub-oscillators generating low-frequency related to one of the main high-frequency voices, and a special spatialisation cross-relative filtering section widening the spatial effect.

Needles Needles — an element of the puredata patch

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