A Certain Trio (ACT) is a music and sound-art performance union based in Vienna and consisting of Evgenii Ж Ignashev, Marcin Morga, and Frederic Stritter. While ACT came into being in 2018, due to their shared passion for electroacoustic music and sonic art, the trio have roots playing acoustic instruments, djing, and in music production.

Their work incorporates concepts of free improvisation with artistic, social and somatic concepts and practices such as ‘The Discipline of Do Easy’ (W. Burroughs, Gus Van Sant), minimalism/maximalism, meditation, the cut-up technique (Brion Gysin), Dada, the theory of Orgone (Wilhelm Reich), and others.

ACT is unrestricted in their instrumentation and has been known to include elements such as an ARP 2600 modular synthesiser, a no-input mixer/mellotron centaur, and custom-built string instruments to create their sonic compositions. All instruments are played live with the piece being conceptualised and adjusted to complement the acoustic and structural elements of the performance space. 

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