Selected Works


(Ionosphere) for organ and multichannel live-electronics
organ: Wolfgang Kogert

Live-performance at Hofburgkapelle (Chapel of the Hofburg Imperial Palace), Vienna, 22.6.2018. The piece is for live organ and 6-channel electronics, this is a stereo mixdown version.
Ionosphere focuses on the organ's sounds usually almost unhearable and unnoticed due to being quite, far from the listener, blurred by the acoustics of the space or considered artefacts accommodating the “proper” sound.

The wind from the blower, the tiny nuances and changes on the border between wind and tones, frequency beatings from the half-opened stops' combinations. Electromagnetic fields recorded with special microphones create an electronic layer of the piece.

G  E  M  S

genetically modified sounds
acousmatic composition for AI-generated raw-audio
UA 16.03.22 @ Echoraum, Vienna ::

Light Cones and Actual Entities

  I Kami  ︎   II Interzone   ︎  III Kugelblitz   ︎   IV Hypersurface of the Present
#processandreality   #mankowskispace   #a.n.whitehead   #liaisonssonores2021    #echoraum

Originally an 8-channel acousmatic sound projection, reduced to stereo here.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Acousmatic. Voice: Nava Hemyari, Michelsonne toy piano: Asmir Jakupovic

Originally presented on a 20.4 speaker system at Ars Electronica 2018, Linz, AT
This is a stereo version.

Nonlinear Times 

(Preview. Scroll down to watch it fullscreen. Desktop widescreen recommended. Take your time.)

audiovisual performance by Nava Hemyari & Evgeny Ignashev
for punctum collective ensemble + horn, bass clarinet, and electronics
UA — 16.03.22 @ Echoraum, Vienna


In-browser generative installation. Scroll down to watch it fullscreen. Desktop widescreen recommended.
Enjoy responsibly with microdosing.


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