Soundtrack for the photo exhibition of Tim Parchikov.
art of the Locarno Film Festival cultural programm, 2019 Locarno, IT

“In cinema suspense denotes unresolved conflict, an undecided outcome, the accumulation of vague and inexplicable anxiety. This device arose in the years after the last war, almost immediately acquiring a new interpretation in the second wave of European existentialism and ideally defining the uncontrollable melancholy that descended on the post-war world. Parchikov's 'Suspense' project is the visual manifesto of the new 'lost' generation of young people who at the turn of the century acquired complete freedom of information and movement as well as the illusion of all-pervasive communication, yet forfeited an integrated system of value judgement and were unexpectedly confronted by complete isolation. Their lives turned into a lonely journey in search of lost self-identification. Any halting point and encounter with reality during this journey became a form of suspense.”

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